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Honda Super Cub C125 Gets Performance Upgrade For 2022 Edition. .
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  • Your Super Cub C125 is starving for explosive horsepower? We sell first-rate Honda rev limiter bypasss.
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  • Starting at $41 /mo with Affirm.
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    Magnum brand stands alone when performance is what you are after.

  • With the Dynojet Power Vision 3, your 2019 Honda Supercub can roar like a bear, if you think you can handle that kind of performance.
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    This model comes shot in a silky Matte Axis Grey Metallic finish as the.

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    com (Vendor/Business Support) HOURS: Monday: 10a - 5pm Tuesday: 10a- 5pm.

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    The Cub was the best seller of the lineup.

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    Chimeria intake, Yoshi exhaust, dhm cam, and dhm high compression piston, tuned on dynojet pv3 by the man himself.