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Currently swimmers take a breath as their hands touch the wall in preparation for the split stroke in breaststroke or up to 15 metres underwater kick in butterfly. If your 100'm are not under 1:30 doing or not doing a flip isn't your.
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    In multi-lap races, swimmers will use open turns, not flip turns.

  • Butterfly swimmers finish by touching the wall with both hands simultaneously, just as they would as if they were going to do a turn.
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    The biggest secret about flip turns is that there is no somersault involved!! You literally just fold your body in half and push off the wall in a streamline position on your back.

  • If your 100'm are not under 1:30 doing or not doing a flip isn't your.
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  • -Flip turns are not permitted on butterfly.
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    Mar 21, 2021 · I’ve seen butterfly swimmers rotate the head to the side while breathing in.

  • ” But oddly enough, as long as you always touch the wall with both hands, flip turns in breaststroke and butterfly are perfectly legal.
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    On breastroke the turn is a two.