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What the title says! REQUESTS: open! do's: angst fluff Aus Platonic/romantic (I'll add more later) don't's: Smut oc x character character x character (reader x characters are easier for me to write i am sorry!). When you turn into a bunny - Vil, Riddle, Silver, Trey.
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  • Malleus Draconia.
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    (malleus and reader were in a relationship but yuu replaced them); gn! reader.

  • I reread it multiple times, but there still can be mistakes; I apologize.
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    May 17, 2022 · Gender Neutral Reader || Angst Malleus fell in love with someone.

  • Hurt/Comfort.
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  • (I have alot, also dont be surprised when you see a long continuations of the same anime) These oneshots include *lemons.
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    When he saw his beloved Y/N lying in their bed, he could feel both sadness and anger bubbling up in him.

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    For a fae, Malleus is much.